You can buy products from our store online, by phone or by email.

  1. Order online

The product you want to order can be found either by using the menu at the top of the page containing the product categories, from the menu on the right with all product categories and subcategories, or by using the search field. When you have pressed the order, the product will be automatically transferred to the shopping cart.

After adding to the cart all the products you want to order, the purchase process continues by pressing the button and going through the order page. On the order page you will need to complete the following:

· Delivery method (Delivery by Express Courier)

· Order data: Name and surname, Full address (County, City, Street, Number, Staircase, Block, floor, Apartment, Intercom if applicable).

· Payment method: choose the way you will pay for the order (payment by card or bank transfer)

With the help of the entered username and password, you can log in to view your order history or current order status, modify/delete your profile or make subsequent orders without re-entering your contact details.

  2. Telephone order

By calling +40762654488 we take your order. Order by email You can send your order by email to

· Specify the desired products: Product name, Product code or product link.

There is no minimum order value. For orders over 5000 lei, delivery is free within the limit of 25kg.


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