Fronius Symo GEN24 3.0 Plus
    • Fronius Symo GEN24 3.0 Plus
    • Fronius Symo GEN24 3.0 Plus
    • Fronius Symo GEN24 3.0 Plus


    With a power range between 3 and 10 Kw, the Symo Gen 24 three-phase inverter from the Austrian manufacturer Fronius, represents the ideal solution for supplying consumers in the residential segment. Having numerous features in the standard version, among which we mention: Wlan and Ethernet connection, easy integration of third-party components, energy management functions such as PV Point (the inverter is equipped with a socket-type module, from which the consumers are supplied in back-up) or Full Backup for power supply in case of power outages, the Fronius Symo Gen 24 inverter is the ideal choice for a sustainable investment. The generation of Fronius Gen 24 inverters stands out for: modern and compact design, active cooling, easy installation and commissioning, service with international coverage, modular construction.



    Integrated Data Communication Fronius – is the first manufacturer to standardly equip its inverters with a data communication package, composed of integrated datalogging, WLAN, Ethernet, energy management, web server and a series of interfaces for user interaction. The inverter can be connected to the Internet via network cable or WLAN, providing complex and real-time information about the operating mode.

    Dynamic Point Management – represents an MPP tracker operating algorithm, through which it automatically identifies the optimal operating point. Its main characteristic is that it identifies the Global Maximum Power Point even in less sunny weather for an increased efficiency of the entire photovoltaic system.

    Multiflow technology - represents the optimization of self-consumption and the use of energy from the battery, by controlling the flow of energy in several directions. The photovoltaic generator can supply household consumers, charge the battery and inject the surplus into the grid

    Superflex design - represents an ingenious combination of technical features - two MPP trackers, high working voltage, wide range of input voltages. These technical attributes make it possible to obtain excellent performances throughout the duration of a sunny day, as well as in configurations with different orientations of the roof.

    Full back up - the house can be supplied with electricity in case of power cuts. The supply can be made for consumers both mono (for the PRIMO GEN 24 version) and three-phase (for the SYMO GEN 24 version).

    PV Point – the inverter is equipped with a socket-type module for supplying electricity to consumers in case of power outages. This function is activated automatically when needed.

    Active cooling – in the case of Fronius inverters, this type of cooling is standard equipment. The heat resulting from the operation of the unit is dissipated by means of the slats in the construction of the aluminum radiator. By means of this type of cooling, the operating temperature inside the inverter is constant, thus extending its operating life, features/active-cooling-technology

    Easy installation - fastening with quick-release screws, electrical connections of the type of clamps with a lever, easy commissioning in 3 steps with a tablet, laptop or mobile phone, easy intervention due to the modular construction.

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